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Steeping Around With Rekaya

Sep 16, 2020

Steeping Around with Rekaya is a bimonthly podcast where the host, Rekaya Gibson, discusses all things tea. Its mission is to inspire, educate, and connect with tea lovers from around the world. Gibson does this by offering: 1) Teatime - where she features teas that she likes; 2) Tea Talk - where tea learning takes place; 3) Tea News – where Gibson shares what’s going on in the world of tea from events, cool teaware, the latest tea trends, and everything in between; and 4) Special Steeping Around Segments – where the host steeps around the world to talk to tea shops, tearoom owners, and other experts in the tea industry.

Why Rekaya Started This Podcast

Gibson started this podcast because she loves tea – loose leaf and traditional bagged tea. She also did not find many podcasts talking about tea. She has been podcasting in a different category for almost four years, so she decided to give this one ago.

About the Rekaya Gibson

Gibson has more than 10 years’ experience writing about food, drinks, and travel. She is an author, a freelance journalist, and writing instructor. She also is a product curator for Cuisine Noir Magazine. She has written and published eight books in multiple genres including "The Food Temptress Wine Journal." She has contributed content for Amtrak, HuffPost, The Spruce Eats, Fresh Cup Magazine, and several lifestyle magazines. She podcasts from Virginia (United States). Connect with her at